Our projects materialized

Our projects materialized

  • Looking back with pride : early consideration of emerging technologies and unmet needs
  • We did influenced life expectancy and quality of life across
    • Diagnostics
    • Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology
    • Medical Technology
    • Healthcare Systems & Services

Platform for unmet medical needs and emerging technologies

  • Corporate Dynamics identifies and sponsors project inductions
  • Events held e.g. in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, USA, Russia
  • Successful outcome in Medical Technologies : Imaging technologies, Biosensors, Monoclonal Antibodies, Implantable Drug Delivery, Spinal Cord Stimulation, Biotech
  • Successful outcome in Unmet Therapeutic Needs : Cardiology, Oncology, Osteoporosis

Case study : Romania

Initiation of Privatisation Process in the Romanian Healthcare System

Client: Swiss Government
  • Analysis of current situation and of legal framework
  • Privatisation procedures, methods and potential results
  • Public and private casements in healthcare - Institutional framework
  • Pilot privatisation plan
  • Improvement of the legal framework

Improvement of the Emergency Medical Services in Romania - Six Romanian Regions

Client: Swiss Government
Strategy planning for creation of six regional EMS systems in six Romanian districts: Cluj, Constanta, Dolj, Iasi, Mures and Timis, including:
  • Involvement of the medical institutions with in-depth consequences on the EMS in the region
  • Creating the new unique/integrated regional dispatch in each region
  • Organising regional training centres (3 in Cluj, 2 in Constanta, 1 in Dolj, 3 in Iasi, 2 in Mures and 3 in Timis)
  • Organising the regional quality assurance and improvement board (QAIB) aiming the medical emergency care in each region
  • Training of decision makers in the medical institutions included in the regional EMS systems
  • Technical assistance for drafting standard operating procedures in each region
  • Technical assistance for organising and start-up operation of the emergency department in hospitals and for QAIBs
  • Monitoring and evaluating the commitments/changes during the project

Improvement of the Emergency Medical Services in Romania - Bucharest

Client: Swiss Government
Strategy planning for creation of the regional EMS system in Bucharest
  • Alternatives for multiple ambulance start-up locations in Bucharest, instead of one
  • Involvement of 7 hospitals (four for adults, two for children and one specialised in burns and plastic surgery), instead of two
  • Creation of the Bucharest dispatch for around 1000 calls per day

Modernisation of Neonatology in Romania

Client: Swiss Government

  • Establishing the project strategy, sections/subjects and details
  • Defining the regionalisation of the neonatal assistance in Romania based on the appropriate need for care for each case and on the competence of each medical unit in a region
  • In-deep analysing of the targeted regions: Moldova (Districts of Iasi, Neamt and Vaslui with the regional centre in Iasi - University Hospital "Cuza Voda") and Transylvania (Districts of Mures and Harghita with the regional centre in Targu Mures - District University Hospital)
  • Training of Romanian trainers in Swiss clinics, followed by training of local staff in all neonatal units in a region
  • Monitoring and evaluating the changes in this medical segment